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Thomas Love Peacock
18 October 1785 – 23 January 1866

The T. L. Peacock Society attempts to popularise the eximious virtues
of Peacock's novels and other writings, as well as promoting the love
of Classical learning which was a feature of his life and works.

The society is planning a second international conference
on Peacock to be held in Britain (or Australia) in 2010.


Crotchet Castle
Gryll Grange Ch. I – XIII, XV, & XVII. (other chapters will be available soon.)
Headlong Hall
Maid Marian
Melincourt Ch. I – III, & XXI (other chapters will be available soon.)
The Misfortunes of Elphin
Nightmare Abbey

"The Legend of Saint Laura" from Gryll Grange
The Monks of St. Mark
poems from Melincourt
The Round Table; or, King Arthur's Feast
Palmyra [1st edition]
Palmyra [2nd edition]
shorter poems
Sir Hornbook; or, Childe Launcelot's Expedition
Sir Proteus

Calidore—an unfinished novel
The Dilettanti will be available here soon
The Four Ages of Poetry
The Last Day of Windsor Forest
Prospectus: Classical Education
Recollections of Childhood: The Abbey House
Satyrane—an unfinished novel
The Three Doctors

essays by various writers,
19th C. & Romantic Literature sites,
Arthurian sites,
On-line Text sites &c.
The Later Latin Society
T. L. Peacock forum (moderated by Informal.)

 Join the T. L. Peacock forum.
a short bibliography ( a full bibliography is being prepared.)
a brief list of Peacock's works
biographical & critical excerpts by Dawson, Garnett, Priestley et al.
   "Peacock & the Noble Savage" by Hoxie Neale Fairchild
   "Thomas Love Peacock" by C.H. Herford
   "Thomas Love Peacock" by Sir Walter Raleigh
   "The Satirists and Fantastics" by Virginia Woolf
   "Thomas Love Peacock" from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature--off-site
   David McKie's article on Peacock in The Guardian of 19/04/01--off-site
Peacock books for sale
The Peacock Bookshop (for classical texts as well as Peacock's)
the TLP Society library
some songs of Peacock set to music by Informal
Peacock's 1837 Preface to the collected novels
Peacock's 1856 Preface to Melincourt
Peacock's uncommon words (not yet complete)
quotations (Greek and Latin in Peacock's Novels Explained, is in preparation)
      The Letters of Thomas Love Peacock ed. Nicholas A. Joukovsky
A Defence of Poetry by Percy Bysshe Shelley
a photograph of Peacock aged seventy-two

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The picture of Peacock above is a miniature painted by
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"The world is a stage, and life is a farce, and he that laughs most has most profit of the performance."
Brother Michael in Maid Marian, Chap. XVI.

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novels (in html) verse (in html) other works (in html) links, miscellanea, &c.